Åros Feriesenter - accommodation

Åros Feriesenter - accommodation

Åros Feriesenter, located in Søgne, between the two event locations Furulunden and Ravndalen, and Sjøsanden Feriepark, located on the o-map for the 2 first races in Furulunden.

Åros Feriesenter has 85 cabins and apartments and is located by a beautiful beach, with pool, minigolf, playground and beach bar.

From the resort there is a 30 min car drive to the arena in Furulunden, and 20 min to the arena in Ravndalen.

Booking at Åros Feriesenter:

Phone: +47 38 16 64 11 

Email: aaros@aaros.no

Online Booking: https://booking.visbook.com/no/943


Åros Feriesenter AS
Årossanden 9 – 4640 Søgne
Bank account: 3060.24.15038
Business Reg no: NO912643093 mva
Web: www.aaros.no